Completing Families one Doodle at a time

If you are searching for the very best Goldendoodle for your family, we welcome you to Country Lane Doodles. We are a small breeder of quality Goldendoodles in a rural paradise near Coldwater, Ontario. Our love and care of dogs is manifested in the health, character, and temperament of our Goldendoodle puppies . If you are ready to meet your next best friend, we would love to hear from you.


We are a family focused breeder of Goldendoodles who believe in raising puppies the very best ways – in our home, one litter at a time, with health tested parents, plenty of love and care, and the very best practices for puppy development.

Our Goldendoodle story started in 2016. We have been lifelong owners of Golden Retrievers, but family allergies and all that fur was leading us to consider the very popular crossbreed. We starting visiting Goldendoodle breeders but did not want a puppy that was one of many of multiple litters raised in a barn or kennel.

This sparked an idea! Our love of dogs along, with previous experience raising horses and Siamese cats, could be a starting point to become exemplary puppy breeders. Since that day, we have worked diligently to learn all we need to know and demonstrate best practices with each and every Country Lane Doodle.

Not only have we prepared ourselves in the art and science of raising your next family member, we have the environment to raise happy, healthy dogs. Our dogs love the country life as much as we do. Daily walks through field and forest on farm are a cherished part of our daily routine. Our puppies run and play by the pond and barnyard. There are no kennels on our property, but a place for each dog in our home where they learn how to be a family pet from day one.



Puppies due Fall 2024

White with brown female goldendoodle named Zoey


Apricot and Cream golden doodle named Jax


Zoey and Jax are planned to have their first litter of puppies during the Fall 2024. We are expecting beautiful low to no shed family Goldendoodles with colours of reddish or brown and with parti markings (meaning lots of white markings). These Goldendoodle puppies will be of medium size, in the 35 to 45 pound range. Because both parents are great family pets, we are expecting Zoey and Jax’s puppies to be smart, trainable and loving pets, just like Mom and Dad.

Puppies due Fall 2024

White mini doodle named Bailey


Brown and white goldendoodle named Mojo (owned by

Mojo (owned by

We are very excited at Country Lane Doodles to be planning our first litter of petite Goldendoodles! Bailey is 11lbs and Mojo is 22lbs so their puppies will be in the 15 to 25 lb. range. The colour of these Goldendoodles will be light cream to various shades of apricot.

Both parents are completely health tested and therefore will produce beautiful quality puppies with fantastic temperaments. They are sure to be a great addition to your family.

Guardian Home Opportunity

Brown and white golden doodle puppy named Roxie

Roxy is looking for her loving guardian family this August 2nd. She is an adorable Goldendoodle puppy and will weigh 25 to 35 pounds. She is a future Mom here at Country Lane and she was selected because she has two stunning, fully health tested, wonderful pet parents. Roxy is waiting for the right family to call her own.