Guardian Home Program

A Special Opportunity For Dog Lovers
Overjoyed woman holding her goldendoodle
Our guardian home placement offers you the chance to own a pick of the litter, breeding quality dog, at no cost.


Guardian parents raise, care for, and train the dog as their family pet with Country Lane Doodles retaining breeding rights of the dog (until approximately 5 years of age for a male and 3 years for a female). At that point, we spay/neuter the dog (at our expense) and transfer complete ownership of the dog to you.


  • Stable living accommodations; preferably, a home with a fenced yard
  • Ability to provide a loving and positive environment for the dog
  • Provide regular communication about the dog’s living conditions, personality, and care, including vet visits and records
  • Live within one hour driving distance from Orillia, Ontario
  • Provide a security deposit for up to 50% of the dog’s value at time of the initial placement. These funds will be returned at the end of the dog’s breeding career
  • Willingness to provide high quality dog food (Merrick, Acana, Wilderness, etc.), appropriate training, and normal veterinary care for the dog
  • Ability to transport the dog to and from Country Lane Doodles when required for breeding and whelping periods, some prearranged veterinary checks, and occasional acclimatization overnight visits at Country Lane
  • Willingness to manage the female dog’s heat cycle. Country Lane will offer supplies, education and assistance when necessary


  • The opportunity to own a highly desirable, selected golden doodle with our full ongoing support for care and training.
  • We pay for the dog’s initial vaccinations, breeding related vet costs, extra health checks, clearances, and spay/neuter
  • We will provide extra attention and support as you integrate your puppy into your family life
  • Thank-you financial bonuses in the form of litter/puppy
  • At the completion of the breeding career, you have no further obligations and the dog is fully yours.

We want to ensure that every breeding dog has the opportunity for a great family life. If you’d like to be a part of our Country Lane guardian program, we’d love to hear from you.