Two Options for Goldendoodle Adoption

  1. Regular Puppy Adoption, which is buying the puppy outright.
  2. Guardian Home Program, which is a breeding partnership with the breeder. Note that Guardian Home dogs are only available from time to time and are not ideal for all families.

Three goldendoodle puppies ready for adoption

The Adoption Process

Regular Puppy Adoption

  • Complete Puppy Application
  • In Person/On Line/Telephone Discussion With Country Lane
  • Send a Deposit for $250 which secures your place on the waiting list with the gender of your choice. The deposit will be refunded if there are an insufficient number of puppies or your gender choice is not available. If you cannot welcome a puppy home due to changed circumstance, we will happily transfer your deposit to another litter for up to two years.

Four newborn goldendoodle puppies sleeping.

Arrival of your puppy

When the puppies are born you will receive an announcement email and photos of the new arrivals. And this is just the beginning of getting to know your puppy. We welcome puppy parents to visit throughout the eight weeks. Not only will you get to know your puppy from his/her earliest days, you will be helping each and every puppy develop confidence and sociability. And if you cannot visit before pick-up day, that is OK too! You can follow each step of your litter’s growth and development through our Facebook page. During the first week of your puppy’s life, we will ask for a second deposit of $500.

Home day

Puppy Pick Up Day occurs when your puppy is eight weeks old. This is such a super exciting day for everyone! It is also a thrilling experience for us as your breeder to see you leave with a puppy who will become a family friend and companion for years to come. We will complete all paperwork and send you on your way with a healthy puppy, and a care package to help ease the transition to your puppy’s new home.

Goldendoodle puppy looking out of passenger side window of red truck.

Cost of Puppy: $2,500 + HST

Included in Price

  • Well Puppy Check Up By Our Veterinarian with Documentation Records
  • Well Puppy Guarantee. This option is unique to Country Lane Doodles. For your added assurance that you have a healthy puppy, you may take your puppy to your vet within the first seven days. If your vet finds a health issue, your qualify for a full refund with documentation and return of the puppy
  • First Set of Vaccinations
  • Deworming at 2, 4, 6, and 8 Weeks for prevention against various worms/parasites, Giardia and Coccidia
  • Microchip (EIDAP) implanted and registered to the New Owner
  • 6 Week Free Trial Of Pet Trupanion Insurance
  • 2 Year Health Guarantee for any Genetic Life Threatening Issues
  • Puppy Training Book – The Puppy Primer by Patricia B. McConnell and Brenda Scidmore
  • Starter Pack of Puppy Food
  • High Quality Collar and Leash
  • Blanket With the Scent of the mother and puppies
  • Lifetime Breeder Support
  • Membership in online social network exclusive to Country Land Doodle families