The Country Lane Difference
Five goldendoodle puppies standing side-by-side. Mixed colour of chocolate brown and white.
Poodles dressed as bride and groom


Our parent dogs are carefully selected for their superior temperaments and beautiful looks. They undergo a comprehensive health tests before they produce offspring. Only the healthiest dogs become parents at Country Lane.


Many, if not most, Doodle breeders only do genetic testing. This is not enough to ensure the healthiest of puppies. Comprehensive health tests such as OFA heart, hip tests, CAER eye exams are expensive and they result in dogs being cut from the breeding program, thereby increasing the costs to the breeder. As a result, the price is usually much higher for puppies from higher quality, healthier parents. Country Lane Doodles is proud to say that we do a full complement of tests yet our prices are far lower than our competition. We invite you to compare.

Veterinarian with young woman holding goldendoodle at vet's office.
Girl lovingly holding goldendoodle puppy


All our parent dogs are well loved and live in our home as family members. Mother dogs produce only four litters maximum and then continue life as our pampered family members. Our breeding dogs are family pets first and foremost. Our dogs are never ever put in kennels!


Country Lane puppies do a lot more than eat, sleep and grow during their first eight weeks. We follow the Puppy Culture program which means we start early neurological stimulation at Day Three followed by many experiences that create the best family pet possible.

And that’s not all! Puppies begin housetraining at four weeks and crate training at five weeks. By the time Country Lane Doodles leave our home they will have had grooming experience, nail trimming, and know some basic commands.

Goldendoodle puppy playing in the snow
Young woman with her young goldendoodle reaching down to shake goldendoodle's paw.


Bringing a new puppy home takes planning and preparation. Country Lane Doodles has you covered with our comprehensive education program. Not only will you receive many informative emails on puppy preparation, but you will also get a training manual (The Puppy Primer) and a discount for the Baxter and Bella online puppy school. These resources will help ensure your puppy’s transition to your home is positive and stress-free!


Our relationship does not end when your puppy leaves our home. In fact, you now belong to the Country Lane fur family! We respond to questions and provide help when your Doodle is eight weeks or eight years old!

And because we take our breeder responsibility seriously, should circumstances arise that prevent you from keeping your Country Lane Doodle, we are here to help. We will work to find a new great home for your dog, (and also as much of your purchase price as possible). Country Lane Doodles prides itself with being in a very small minority of breeders that offer this assurance. We do this because we care about our Doodles for their entire life.

Puppy's paw in hand of master with two red felt hearts in the background.