How To House Train Your Puppy Faster

  1. Set a timer! During day hours, take the puppy out to his spot every hour.
  2. Other signs/times puppy needs to go-about 10 minutes into a play session; 15 minutes after eating; 10-15 minutes after drinking, right after waking; if the puppy abruptly stops what she is doing and sniffs, walks off, or circles.
  3. Have a designated spot for your dog to eliminate. This helps him get the idea more quickly.
  4. Don’t talk or play with the puppy when it is potty time. Again, this helps her get the idea of what she is there to do. Afterwards, give lots of praise and playtime if you are able.
  5. If you catch the puppy in the act, don’t react! If you do, he might think you are upset by the act of peeing, NOT peeing in the house. This might result in the puppy wandering away from you to pee or being reluctant to pee in front of you, even outside.
  6. Control the water intake. While training, don’t leave water accessible but give the puppy the option to drink every hour or so and then take him to the elimination place ten minutes later.
  7. Be Patient! Your puppy has poor bladder control until 12 weeks of age or later.
  8. Remember that discipline and consistency will pay off by teaching your puppy the housetraining rules sooner rather than later.
Karen Moore