Introducing Molly

Molly is a black/grey and white F1B Goldendoodle. She is the daughter of Piper and Finn and was born here at Country Lane Doodles. Molly has just turned two years old, has passed all her health testing, and is ready to have her first litter of puppies.

Black and white goldendoodle on porch

Molly lives quite close to us at the guardian home of Karen and Paul. Molly is lucky to live with her full sister Holly and they are closely bonded. Visit our Mamas and Papas page to see her mother Piper and also Cooper, our Golden Retriever, who is her grandfather.

Piper. Molly’s mother.

Molly stands out for her calm, loving nature. Karen, her guardian mom, says Molly is gentle and aware of the need to be careful around the smallest of children.

Molly is a medium sized Goldendoodle but she thinks she is a lap dog! Her favourite thing to do is to curl up on your lap despite her size. Molly loves her people! She wants to be with her family and will follow them throughout the house to stay connected.

When I have Molly visit, I find her to be exceptionally well mannered. She does not bark and she has good manners. She is respectful of our cat! Molly is a sweet, loving dog. We cannot wait to meet her puppies!

Goldendoodle with Christmas toy.
Finnigan. Molly’s father.
Karen Moore